Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Looking for an off-road apparatus that has a lot of firepower? The Interface Pumper from KME might be just the wildland unit you're searching for. Carrying up to 850 gallons of water, these units can handle the firefighting tools and equipment you need in places a typical pumper can't go. For the interface zone, these trucks can also be configured for both wildland and structural duties.

Specifications for KME's Interface Wildland Apparatus


  • 101” short body with up to 500 gallons of water and rescue style compartmentation
  • 122” long body with up to 750 gallons of water and rescue style compartmentation
  • 140” wildland body with up to 850 gallons of water and wildland compartmentation


  • Available on a Navistar 7400 chassis w/ up to 330 hp (other chassis available upon request)
  • Two door, extended cab, or four door cabs with short wheelbases
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel body construction
  • PTO, split-shaft, or auxiliary engine driven pumps (up to 1000 gpm PTO and 1500 gpm split-shaft)
  • 500 or 750 gallons of water typical
  • Class A foam available, including CAFS
  • Pump-and-roll capability
  • Off road mounting on body
  • Packages available to meet NWCG Type 3 or Type 4 classifications
  • Can carry a full complement of structural tools
  • Can meet USFS model 326/346/448, BLM model 667, or CALFIRE model 34 requirements

True Pump-And-Roll

It is important to maintain a consistent flow, no matter how fast the chassis is moving. On a Wildland Quick Attack unit from KME, engineers will work with you to select the proper size pump so that it operates as you expect under all conditions. Whether it's a PTO driven pump, auxiliary driven pump, or a high-volume split shaft pump, KME has the experience to design and build a unit that will perform where you need it to.

Customized Bodies

Regardless of whether you're seeking a true Type 3 of Type 4 wildland-only unit, or an offroad pumper with full structural capability, KME has the package for you. If you don't see that it is available on our website, Bulldog and KME with work with you to design the truck you want.

Recognized Performance

Anyone who fights wildland fires for a living knows that the truck they serve in must be designed from the ground up for these special kind of missions; it's not good enough to slap a 4x4 chassis on an on-road design and call it a Wildland unit. KME goes above and beyond, developing packages that meet the requirements of some of the premier wildland firefighting agencies. These include packages that meet the Forest Service's model 326 / 346 / 448 specifications, The Bureau of Land Management's 667 model specifications and CALFIRE model 34 specifications. Take advantage of the wildland expertise that Bulldog and KME have to offer, contact us today.

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