Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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When it comes to meeting the requirements of a front line pumper and providing a large on-board water supply, the traditional "T" style tanker from KME continues to be a popular choice of fire departments. Tanks for the T-Type tanker are available in fiberglass and poly with capacities of up to 2,000 gallons a single axle and 4,000 gallons on a tandem axle. Focused on custom design and construction, tanker bodies are available in hundreds of configurations.

Specifications for KME's T-Type Tanker Fire Truck


  • Flush-back body design
  • Flat-back body design


  • Commercial and custom chassis available
  • NFPA compliant apparatus
  • Multiple pump configurations and options
  • Lifetime tank warranties
  • Hinged or roll-up door configuration
  • Poly or fiberglass water tanks
  • Unsurpassed tank dump and fill options

Innovative Storage

KME is focused on meeting the unique storage needs of each and every department it serves. They offer manual, electric and hydraulic folding down tank and ladder storage ranks. They can also design in-tank storage and enclosed slide-in storage. No other manufacturer can customize bodies like KME does to maximize storage space on your next tanker fire truck.

Unmatched Compartmentation

The custom fabricated body panels on KME tankers allow for great flexibility in body design. Body materials include 3/16" aluminum, stainless steel and galvannealed steel. They offer low side, full height/full depth, or a combination of high and low side compartments. All body design choices are made with storage space in mind, along with a commitment to building the safest and strongest bodies in the industry.

Multiple Dump Configurations

Dump configurations are available to meet every department’s unique needs. With dump rates up to 3000 GPM, these tankers keep water shuttle operation at the maximum efficiency. Dump switching is located in illuminated enclosures at the rear of the body and in the cab for flexibility during operation.

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