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Wet rescue emergency vehicles are available from KME in either a walk-in or walk around style. Designed to be one of the most rugged, custom units available to the fire service, they are also produced in either 3/16" aluminum or 12ga stainless steel. Designed for durability and extended vehicle life, the standard body trim materials were selected to last. 12v DC wiring is installed using protective loom, while 110/220v wiring is entirely encased in liquid tight conduit. The formed body design of a Wet Rescue unit from KME allows for maximum compartment space and greater design flexibility. The one piece welded unit offers supreme strength and weatherproof security.

Specifications for KME's WET Rescue Apparatus


  • Available on a KME custom or commercial chassis
  • Custom cab configurations include 2-door with a rear transverse storage compartment, 3-door command cabs, and traditional 4-door models with multiple seating options
  • Drop down frames in rear are available for easy rear compartment access
  • Raised roofs are available up to 26” for maximum headroom comfort and maneuverability
  • KME bodies are available in 3/16” aluminum or 12ga stainless steel in lengths from 13’ to over 24’
  • 29” deep, 68” high standard compartments (taller compartments available) with roll up or hinged doors
  • Pump options include both PTO and Midship configurations
  • Pump panels customized to maximize compartment space
  • Variety of tank sizes available (based on chassis size and body configuration)
  • KME custom construction makes maximum use of body space offering transverse compartments, split depth compartments above the frame, and small compartments for unique storage using space
  • Compartments may be customized with crosslays, dividers, shelving, brackets, tool boards, trays, and much more


  • KME bodies are available in 3/16” aluminum or 12ga stainless steel in lengths from 13’ to over 24’
  • Single and tandem axles available
  • Full length roof compartments
  • Recessed light tower storage to protect light as well as reduce overall height
  • Body mounted or recessed awnings
  • Breathing air cascade systems

Flexibility by Design

Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus has chosen to represent KME as a fire apparatus dealer for many reasons. One of these being their unique construction process. KME's custom construction increases the usable space on a vehicle, offering more storage than the competition. They offer transverse and split depth compartments above the frame and small compartments for unique storage in areas that would otherwise go un-utilized. 29" deep conventional frame rails are included in the formed body design, and formed interior walls create full width compartments that eliminate wasted space seen on double wall construction units.

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