Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Heavy Duty


If you are looking for the most rugged, custom rescue fire apparatus on the market, the KME Heavy Duty Rescue is the perfect fit for you. These units are available in a walk around or walk-in style with a formed body designed creating maximum compartment space and greater flexibility. They come in either 3/16" aluminum or 12ga stainless steel. Standard body trim materials are included for tough use and durability; aluminum tread plate is used for flooring/walkway walls and fiberglass reinforced board for the ceilings and side walls. Upgrades are available for each. All 12v DC wiring is installed using protective loom, while 110/220v wiring is encased in liquid tight conduit to prevent chafing over the apparatus lifetime. Ensuring a vehicle with unrivaled strength and weatherproof security, the KME Heavy Duty Rescue features a fully integrated roof, light tower compartments and walkways in a complete, one-piece welded unit.

Specifications for KME's Heavy Duty Rescue Apparatus


  • Available on a KME custom or commercial chassis
  • 100" wide 3/16" aluminum body
  • Standard 110,000 psi frame rails with an RBM rating of 1,976,700 inch pounds per rail
  • Custom cab configurations include 2-door with a rear transverse storage compartment, 3-door command cabs, and traditional 4-door models with multiple seating options
  • Drop down frames in rear are available for easy rear compartment access
  • Raised roofs are available up to 26" for maximum headroom comfort and maneuverability
  • 29" deep, 68" high standard compartments (taller compartments available) with roll up or hinged doors
  • KME custom construction makes maximum use of body space offering transverse compartments, split depth compartments above the frame, and small compartments for unique storage using space
  • Compartments may be cusomized with light towers, rescue tool systems, air compressors, ladder storage, dividers, shelving, brackets, tool board, trays and much more


  • KME bodies are available in 3/16" aluminum or 12ga stainless steel in lengths from 13' to over 24'
  • Optional full length frame liner available bringing the RBM to 3,432,000 inch pounds per rail
  • Walk-in version for command operations
  • Full length roof compartments
  • Recessed light tower storage to protect light as well as reduce overall height
  • Wet rescue with up to 2250 GPM pumps and up to 1,000 gallons of water
  • Body mounted or recessed awnings
  • Breathing air cascade systems

Body Flexibility

Customization is an area KME is well known for. The manufacturer aims to please by working with customers to analyze their needs and requirements and design a fire truck that works for them. When it comes to rescue missions, KME understands the diversity of events departments must prepare for. You can design your truck around your equipment, as KME adjusts body weldments and uses fabricated body construction to give you exactly what you need. You will never have to worry about being prepared on scene again!

Roof Access

KME's Heavy Duty Rescue units offer various roof access options. Designed to meet safety and space concerns, the units are available with fold-out ladders, recessed stairways and pull-out stairways.


Flexibility by Design

A large benefit in working with KME is their ability to custom construct your unit. On the Heavy Duty Rescues, KME makes the most of body space by offering transverse and split depth compartments. This unique storage space would normally be wasted on a different brand unit. The formed body design includes standard 29" deep frame rails and formed interior wall panels provide full width compartments.

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