Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Always being asked to do more with less, today's fire services need an apparatus that is going to respond to that challenge. A Rescue Combination unit from KME answers. Whether it's for equipment storage, a communication area, rehabilitation or another need, Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus and KME will help you custom design your combination unit to suit your specific needs. These rescue vehicles are available in a walk around or walk-in style in either 3/16" aluminum or stainless steel. The construction process and materials used create the safest, most rugged, custom units available in the fire service.

Specifications for KME's Combination Rescue Apparatus


  • Available on a KME custom or commercial chassis
  • Custom cab configurations include 2-door with a rear transverse storage compartment, 3-door command cabs, and traditional 4-door models with multiple seating options
  • Drop down frames in rear are available for easy rear compartment access
  • Raised roofs are available up to 26” for maximum headroom comfort and maneuverability
  • KME bodies are available in 3/16” aluminum or 12ga stainless steel in lengths from 13’ to over 24’
  • 29” deep, 68” high standard compartments (taller compartments available) with roll up or hinged doors
  • KME custom construction makes maximum use of body space offering transverse compartments, split depth compartments above the frame, and small compartments for unique storage using space
  • Compartments may be customized with dividers, shelving, brackets, tool boards, trays and much more


  • KME bodies are available in 3/16” aluminum or 12ga stainless steel in lengths from 13’ to over 24’
  • Single and tandem axles available
  • Walk-in version for command operations
  • Full length roof compartments
  • Recessed light tower storage to protect light as well as reduce overall height
  • Body mounted or recessed awnings
  • Breathing air cascade systems

Flexibility By Design

Maximizing space is paramount on a fire apparatus; KME understands this. These combination rescue vehicles offer a climate controlled interior command area, while maintaining the compartment space of a walk around rescue. The unique KME custom construction process creates more usable body space by offering transverse and split depth compartments above the frame and small compartments for storage in areas that would otherwise be useless. Combination rescues also feature a formed body design for standard 29" deep conventional frame rails and formed interior walls for full width compartments.

Custom Command Centers

Looking to use a combination rescue as a command center? Bulldog and KME can help you design a custom command center that will meet your every requirement with limitless options.


Roof Access

KME offers various roof access options to meet space and safety concerns including fold-out ladders, recessed stairways and pull-out stairways.

Equipment and Tool Storage

KME knows just how important it is to use every inch of space on your unit. When it comes to custom fabrication, they offer unrivaled quality and functionality for equipment and tool storage.


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