Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Bulldog Fire

Air Light


The Air-Light Rescue from KME is a specialized rescue vehicle focused on providing air and light equipment on-site. This unit can be customized to carry the equipment your department determines necessary for such applications as breathing air support, spare bottle storage, scene illumination, electrical support and more. An air and light vehicle from KME is available in light duty through heavy duty styles, in a walk around or combination layout. The materials and design on the Air-Light Rescue reflect a commitment to safety and durability, and as with other KME specialty rescue vehicles, this unit offers endless customization options that will turn your requirements into a reality.

Specifications for KME's Air Light Rescue Apparatus


  • Available on a KME custom or commercial chassis
  • Custom cab configurations include 2-door with a rear transverse storage compartment, 3-door command cabs, and traditional 4-door models with multiple seating options
  • Drop down frames in rear are available for easy rear compartment access
  • Raised roofs are available up to 26” for maximum headroom comfort and maneuverability
  • Standard air cascade systems or compressor systems (up to 32cfm) available in electric or diesel engine drive
  • Compartments may be customized with dividers, shelving, brackets, tool boards trays, and much more


  • KME bodies are available in light duty through heavy duty styles and in lengths from 10’ to over 24’ 
  • KME custom construction makes maximum use of body space offering transverse compartments, split depth compartments above the frame, and small compartments for unique storage using space

Flexibility by Design

KME makes the most of their rescue vehicles with custom construction to create enhanced body space through transverse and split department compartments above the frame. This makes unique storage space in small compartments that would normally be wasted on competitor models. Formed interior panels provide full width compartments, which strongly contrasts the cumbersome double wall construction from other manufacturers. In every design consideration, KME takes into account what will help you get the most from your specialty rescue vehicle.

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