Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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We carry a full line of program pumpers through KME to suit every budget. Featuring a variety of body styles, the KME Challenger™ will allow you to choose from a wide range of commercial or custom chassis. These fire apparatus feature plenty of options to customize discharges, panels, generators, light towers, dumps and more!

Specifications for KME's Challenger™ Pumper Fire Trucks


  • RS Body (Recessed Step)
  • FB Body  (Flush Back)
  • WB Body (Wide Body)
  • LH Body (Low Hosebed)


  • All major brands of commercial chassis in 2 and 4 door models
  • KME Panther  chassis for 2-8 firefighters, up to 425 hp
  • Variety of bumper extensions and pump panel options
  • Galvannealed steel, aluminum or stainless steel bodies in many configurations
  • 29” deep body compartments
  • 500 to 1,500 gpm mid-ship pump or PTO pumps available
  • Stainless steel plumbing with 10 year warranty standard
  • Foam systems available
  • Custom discharge and suction layouts
  • Hinged or roll-up doors available
  • Variety of lighting and generator systems available

4 Body Styles Suit Every Need

The KME Challenger™ pumper is available in 4 body styles. Each of these styles provides a foundation for significant customization of lighting, dumps, bumper extensions and more. The fire apparatus specialists at Bulldog will work with you and KME engineers to select the perfect body style to fit your needs.

FB (Flush Back)

WB (Wide Body)

LH (Low Hosebed)

RS (Recessed Step)

Common Sense Plumbing

KME pumpers are designed with usability in mind. Pump panels are available in top or side mount configuration, with controls located in convenient positions. Valve controls are in line with the respective gauge and placed in an ergonomic position promoting simple operation. Crosslays on the Challenger™ come in a standard low, easy-to-load position, at an industry-leading height of 64" from the ground.

Rescue Pumper Configurations

Strategically designed to accommodate all of the equipment carried on a rescue pumper, the Challenger™ will ensure your fire fighters are ready to tackle any job. The 29" deep compartments offer more than enough space for hydraulic reels, power units, extrication tools, air systems and a full range of cribbing and shoring materials.

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