Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Legacy™ Pumper


In these tough economic times, KME Fire Apparatus is proud to offer its Legacy™ Line of Pumpers. The Legacy™ Line of Pumpers affords fire departments the perfect combination of value, equipment design, and performance at a price that meets any budget without sacrificing safety. KME’s decades of experience allows it to condense customizable options into a couple preselected bodies and chassis…taking the guesswork out of the purchasing process. KME also outfits each of its Legacy™ Line of Pumpers with an array of standard features synonymous with the KME brand, as well as custom options based on configurations selected by many ground operators and fire departments over time.

Specifications for KME's Legacy™ Pumper Fire Truck


  • Legacy HL Body (183.5 cu.ft. of compartment space with external ladder storage)
  • Legacy FS Body (226.3 cu.ft. of compartment space  with internal ladder storage)


  • Aluminum body construction
  • Commercial and custom chassis available
  • 1250 gpm single stage pumps
  • Side and top mount pump panel configurations
  • Stainless steel plumbing (10 yr warranty)
  • Full access right side pump panel door 
  • Foam ready plumbing
  • 1000 gallon water tank w/ 25 gallon foam cell (lifetime warranty)
  • Full Multiplex wiring system
  • LED warning light package
  • Hinged or roll-up door configuration
  • 29” deep compartments

Premium Features

Each body configuration on KME’s Legacy™ Line of Pumpers comes standard with 29" deep compartments. These are the deepest in the fire service industry, offering increased storage space for critical equipment and supplies. In addition to its increased storage space, stainless steel plumbing comes standard on a wide variety of pump and plumbing options. All units within KME’s Legacy™ Line of Pumpers are also foam system ready for immediate installation or for future use.

Multiple Configurations

The KME Legacy™ Line of Pumpers are available on both custom and commercial chassis. In addition, LegacyTM pumpers offer options for both side mount and top mount panel configurations with either speed lays or cross lays. The available body styles of the KME Legacy™ Line of Pumpers include both the HL and the FS styles.

Easy Access

The bodies of KME’s Legacy™ Line of Pumpers include storage for three SCBA cylinders on each side of the body within their fenders. Optional storage configurations allow for the full use of the available fender storage space, proving room for items such as SCBA equipment, Wheel Chocks, and Absorbent hoppers.

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