Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Severe Service™


The KME Severe Service™ chassis takes superior engineering to the next level. KME’s proven design platform serves as a base for a chassis that can handle even the toughest of situations. The Severe Service™ chassis has been extensively tested, with over a million miles of real-world testing. It has also been subjected to high-volume use in extreme conditions and environments. The Severe Service™ chassis provides extreme reliability for some of the country’s largest fleets, cities, and fire departments. When conditions are tough, you need the Severe Service™ chassis from KME to provide maximum support to your fire apparatus

Specifications for KME's Severe Service™ Fire Apparatus Chassis


  • Flat Roof Design
  • MFD, XMFD, LFD, and XLFD cab length dimensions


  • Rugged upholstered interior.
  • Engines from Cummins and Maxxforce ranging from 300-600HP.
  • Hardwire wiring system.
  • “Barrier” style short cab doors.
  • Various options for interior/exterior EMS and cab compartments.
  • Extreme capacity HVAC system.
  • Painted chassis frame rails and components.
  • Tinted cab glass.
  • Large interior engine access door.


The Severe Service™ interior is paint-matched with a rugged vinyl upholstered roof, dash and doghouse that provide a durable interior ready for the most extreme service conditions. Beyond its finishes, the Severe Service™ cab boasts double insulation, which minimizes high horsepower heat from the engine and reduces cab noise to 75 db, making it the quietist cab in the fire service.

Seating and Storage

The Severe Service™ cab is available in a variety of configurations, each offering plenty of space to work and maneuver. The cab can be configured into a two-door unit with rear storage, a three door unit command cab, or a four door tilt cab with seating for up to ten firefighters. Options also include either fixed, air, or electric seats. The Severe Service™ cab design provides plenty of head and leg space for its passengers, all while offering numerous options for seating arrangements, storage cabinets configurations, and command desk set-ups.

Firefighter Safety

KME takes pride in offering the best in safety design. The Severe Service™ cab is fully crash tested to ensure maximum protection and durability. It is composed of a ¼” doghouse and 3/16” doors, which sit upon a solid extruded tube structure comprised of ¼” and 3/16” wall thickness. The engineered features of the Severe Service™”chassis/cab, coupled with the optional Rolltek® protection system make it the most rugged and safe cab in the fire industry.

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