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The new Predator™ chassis from KME is a product of meticulous design and direct customer feedback from fire departments across the nation. Ushering in the next generation in chassis design, the Predator™ provides improved safety, ergonomics, reliability and ease of maintenance. It also offers a wide range of customization options.

Serving as the single-source for all manufacturing on their units, KME ensures all Predator™ chassis share the same crash-tested cab structure. With this comes the idea that safety is standard on all KME units, but other features can be added or removed to meet your needs and requirements. The Predator™ offers options for power train, seating and storage needs, and apparatus budgets.

Combining superior design and and limitless options, the KME Predator™ chassis is the ideal foundation for any KME aerial, pumper, tanker, wildland, or rescue pumper apparatus.

Specifications for KME's Predator™ Fire Apparatus Chassis


  • MFD, LFD and XLFD cab length dimensions
  • 10”, 16” and 22” raised roof configurations


  • Choice of multiplex wiring systems from Class One or Weldon or Hardwired chassis.
  • Color coded brake lines and air tanks.
  • Ergonomically designed ABS interior provides years of durable performance.
  • Available in short or long doors.
  • Engine options of Cummins or Maxxforce power.
  • Seating from 2 to 10 people.
  • “RollTek” roll over protection system for front and rear occupants and 4Front® frontal impact protection optional.
  • “Locking” doors are standard.
  • Optional interior/exterior “EMS” compartments.
  • High capacity HVAC system offers excellent heating and air conditioning capacities.


In addition to its functional design, the KME Predator™ prides itself on the KME standard of safety. The Predator™ cab was crash-tested at the leading third-party crash facility in the nation. The impressive engineering and design of the KME Predator™ chassis passed with flying colors; it meets or exceeds all NFPA, SAE, and ECE 29 crash specifications. Occupants of the Predator™ can remain confident in their safety and protection as proven by the outstanding performance in front impact, side impact, and roof load tests.


KME is an industry-leading, true sole-source fire apparatus manufacturer. Since they do everything in-house, they are able to provide customizations above and beyond their competitors. Each Predator™ cab is built at the KME world headquarters location and customized to exact customer specifications. Each chassis begins with a sturdy substructure design and heavy-duty frame rails. KME then offers a wide range of enginesoptions (ranging from 300 to 600HP), transmissions, axles, suspension systems, and other major components to make the Predator™ uniquely yours. KME’s three cab choices, along with multiple options, create more than 300 different custom configurations so our customers get exactly what they want and need. Multiple seating options, cab storage compartments, ABS dash and doghouse, hardwire or multiplex wiring systems, and short or long door options provide departments with a high-quality, well-designed, and truly custom-built fire apparatus.

Maintenance and Service

While a fire apparatus is often chosen for its capabilities in an emergency response call, maintenance and service should also be taken into consideration. The Predator™ chassis caters to fleet and maintenance support operations, as well as fire ground personnel, because KME understands it's important to get your unit up and running again quickly in a service situation. The chassis comes with a lifetime warranty and exceptional engineering aimed to keep it in service. 

When ongoing maintenance and mechanical functions must be performed, the Predator™ offers a large interior access door for fluid checks without tilting the cab. All electrical lines and harnesses are encased in a protective loom and are color-coded for their specific function. The center of the interior cab dash houses an easy access area for any required electrical system additions, as well as electrical service tests and diagnostics. In addition, the  chassis provides a method for the remote programming of the electrical system via a simple phone line, helpful when adding in new features or troubleshooting unknown electrical issues.

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