Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Bulldog Fire

Tractor Drawn


Bulldog Fire Apparatus carries the complete lineup of KME's tractor-drawn fire apparatus. KME tractor-drawn aerials are well known in the industry for their short wheelbase and overall length. The 101' tractor-drawn aerial comes with a pre-piped waterway tiller. You can add a pump and tank to transform the apparatus into an NFPA 1901 compliant quint. The 100' tiller with no water offers the shortest tractor-drawn aerial on the market. This unit will allow you to get into the tightest first scene or small fire stations. As with any KME fire apparatus, each vehicle can be custom designed and engineered to meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations.

Specifications for KME's Tractor Drawn Fire Trucks


  • 79’ 3 Section Ladder with 500 lb Tip Load
  • 103’ 4 Section Ladder with 500 lb Tip Load


  • Certified 100,000psi steel ladder with KME exclusive proof load testing
  • Bolt-on and Field Replaceable Ladder Tip Egress
  • Full unobstructed walkway climbing path from base section to egress
  • Dual lift cylinders provide 5 degrees below horizontal to 80 degrees above horizontal
  • Fully multiplexed ladder standard with KME’s E-Control™ motion control systems which provides unprecedented ease of control, smooth operation and superior safety systems through E-Speed™, E-Cush™ and E-Zone™. 
  • Aerial available with or without pre-piped waterway
  • Floating anodized telescoping waterway capable of flowing 1000 gpm while still maintaining the tip toad unrestricted of angle or extension
  • 500 to 2,500 gpm tractor mounted pumps
  • 350 gallon water tanks in poly, fiberglass or stainless steel
  • Short overall length of 52’-6” on 100’ devices depending on options
  • Fifth wheel lock out hydraulic system for added ladder stability
  • Mono race bearing for fifth wheel providing years of dependability
  • 16 degree break over capability
  • Trailer steering axle equipped with air ride suspension as standard

Maximum Flexibility

Ensure peace of mind arriving first on scene with a KME tractor-drawn aerial. The full quint rating will give your fire fighting fleet maximum flexibility. Need to assist with fire suppression? An optional fire pump and tank can be added. All KME tractor-drawn aerials are available with the highest and widest handrails and an unrestricted 500 lb rated tip load.


Since the KME aerial tractor-drawn fire truck is designed with maneuverability in mind, its tiller cab reflects its goal to provide unrestricted visibility and access - even when positioned in difficult locations! KME’s “No-Post Vision” windshield eliminates the A-pillar obstruction for improved visibility to the front and side of the cab. Tiller cab doors are also available, with either the standard hinged type door or rear sliding style.

Custom Body Storage

In addition to its superior maneuverability, visibility, and functionality, KME tractor-drawn aerials provide plenty of storage space with a body design aimed at providing maximum compartment volume in the industry. KME’s standard body design features up to 500 cubic feet of compartmental storage, all while providing flexible storage options for bulky items, such as long ground ladders and heavy supply hose. This extra space will help you function as a true ladder company.

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