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Rear Mount Platforms


Bulldog Fire Apparatus carries the complete lineup of aerial fire trucks from KME, known as the KME AerialCat™. The AerialCat™ platform is manufactured with safety and ease of operation in mind, and the motion control systems provide the best ever built for the fire service. Taking smooth operation to a whole new level, KME is recognized as building the strongest ladders availble.

KME fire apparatus rear-mount platforms are available in 95' and 102' variations with some of the shortest wheelbases, overall lengths, and lowest travel heights in the industry.

Specifications for KME's Rear Mount Platform Fire Trucks


  • 95’, 3 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water
  • 102’, 3 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water


  • Certified 100,000 psi steel ladder and self leveling platform with KME exclusive proof load testing
  • Spacious, 20.8 cubic foot platform design with mitered corners which assists with placement against buildings
  • Modular platform construction for easy repairs in the event of damage
  • Lifting eyelets underneath platform capable of lifting the platform capacity
  • KME aerial platforms feature a cradle type support for the platform which directly transfer the loads of the platform down to the fly section allowing for smooth platform leveling 
  • KME 3-in-1 platform attachment for stokes rescue, parapet roof ladder and high point change of direction
  • Complete platform access from ground without extending ladder at a mere 33’ from the apparatus
  • Full unobstructed walkway climbing path from base section to platform
  • Dual lift cylinders provide 10 degrees below horizontal to 80 degrees above horizontal
  • 248 degree unrestricted rotation at or below horizontal
  • Fully Multiplexed Ladder Standard with KME’s E-Control™ motion control systems which provides unprecedented ease of control, smooth operation and superior safety systems through E-Speed™, E-Cush™ and E-Zone™.
  • Floating anodized telescoping waterway capable of flowing 3000 gpm
  • 1,250 to 3,000 gpm mid-ship mounted pumps
  • 300 gallon water tanks in Poly or Fiberglass with lifetime warranties
  • Short wheelbases of 248”
  • Short overall length of 46’ depending on options
  • Optional travel heights to meet your every requirement
  • 26/14” deep compartments standard on every rear mount platform

Big Performance

KME’s AerialCat™ rear-mount platform fire trucks offer benefits beyond how high its ladder can reach. It boasts a steel ladder with a lift geometry that allows it to rotate an unobstructed 248 degrees at 10 degrees below horizon without any impact of its platform flow capabilities. This same below-horizon functionality allows the platform to rest on the ground with its ladder fully retracted at only 33’ from the base of the apparatus. Fully extended, KME’s rear-mount platform can situate its platform a total of 14’ below grade at 10 degrees below horizon! The KME aerial rear-mount platform exclusively features a “fail-safe” turntable retention system consisting of a 1¼” bolt that minimizes any stress associated with platform operation in low-level conditions.

Flow Rates of Over 3,000 GPM at the Platform

The KME AerialCat™ rear-mount platform fire truck is excellent for both industrial and high-capacity municipal operations. It has one of the highest flow rates of over 3,000 GPM from the platform at full extension and elevation, all while maintaining a 250 pound platform weight capacity! Coupled with its amazing power, the AerialCat™ rear-mount platform utilizes the industry-standard KME ladder and an increased waterway with state-of-the-art dual monitors. This unit is entirely self-operational, only requiring a dependable water supply to fuel its powerful flow.

Greater Equipment Storage

KME understands that storage is important to those working in the high-risk field of emergency response. Whether the AerialCat™ rear-mount platform unit is used as a first-due quint or as a true truck, its unique storage configurations are designed for optimal efficiency. KME’s line of rear-mount platform fire apparatus body configurations provide over 240 cubic feet of storage space, including storage for up to 1,000’ of large-diameter hose, as well as an easy-access strait-shot hose bed. Every inch of the AerialCat™ body is occupied by full-height and full-depth storage compartments, designed for the storage of industry tools and equipment. Even while considering its space allowance for an NFPA 1901 or ISO ground ladder, the AerialCat™ provides storage compartments with depths up to 26” – perfect for bulky supplies and equipment.

Maximum Leveling Capability

When time is of the essence, KME’s AerialCat™ rear-mount fire truck can quickly become operational by just one person. The AerialCat’s™ automatic leveling system allows for setup in tight spots with its ability to short jack the outriggers – requiring outrigger deployment on the operational side of the unit only. In addition, the KME platforms can perform under less-than-ideal conditions. KME fire apparatus platforms easily maintain functionality, even at full capacity, on slopes up to 11 degrees. Since its stabilizers can lower a full 19”, the KME platforms are so flexible that they can operate reliably virtually anywhere!

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