Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Bulldog Fire

Rear Mount Ladders


Bulldog Fire Apparatus carries the complete lineup of aerial fire trucks from KME, known as the KME AerialCat™. Working closely with Bulldog and KME, each ladder truck is custom manufactured and can be highly customized to meet your exact needs. The high quality craftsmanship of the AerialCat™ fire truck delivers unparalleled strength with up to a 2.5:1 safety factor. Rear mount ladders range from 79' to 123'.

Specifications for KME's Rear Mount Ladder Fire Trucks


  • 79’ single axle, 3 section ladder with 750 lb tip load
  • 79’ tandem axle, 3 section ladder with 750 lb tip load
  • 103’ 4 section ladder with 500 lb tip load
  • 109’ 4 section ladder with 750 lb tip load
  • 100’ 3 section ladder with 1000 lb tip load
  • 123’ 4 Section ladder with 500 lb tip load


  • Certified 100,000psi steel ladder with KME exclusive proof load testing
  • Bolt-on and field replaceable ladder tip egress
  • Full unobstructed walkway climbing path from base section to egress
  • Dual lift cylinders provide 10 degree below horizontal to 80 degrees above horizontal
  • Fully multiplexed ladder standard with KME’s E-Control™ motion control systems which provides unprecedented ease of control, smooth operation and superior safety systems through E-Speed™, E-Cush™ and E-Zone™.
  • Anodized telescoping waterway capable of flowing 1500 gpm while still maintaining the tip load unrestricted of angle or extension
  • 1,250 to 2,500gpm mid-ship mounted pumps
  • 300 to 600 gallon water tanks in poly or fiberglass with lifetime warranties
  • Short wheelbases available, as low as 200” depending on options
  • Optional travel heights to meet your every requirement
  • 26”/14” deep compartments standard on every rear mount ladder

Higher Tip Loads and Shorter Outrigger Stance

KME aerial fire trucks are engineered to carry the highest tip loads in the industry. They can withstand winds of 50 miles per hour and a 1/4" ice buildup on the entire aerial structure. All aerial designs are independent third-party P.E. certified. Aerial configurations are available with 750lb tip loads and outrigger stances as tight as 14' center to center; if you can open the cab doors, you can fully operate the aerial.

Safety in Climbing

Every rear mount aerial fire truck from KME is designed with safety in mind. The ladders are engineered to provide a clear walkway with no need to worry about excessive cables or wiring installed in the climbing path. The new standard rung covers feature an aggressive gripping surface for your hands and feet, for enhancing stability during inclement weather conditions. Each rung also features photo luminescent bands that light the climbing path in poor visibility situations. The luminescent portions of the rung covers glow for up to 20 hours after initially exposed to light. For additional illumination requests, KME also offers full length LED Lumabar Pathfinder™ walkway illumination lights.

Better Performance Through Better Ideas

Your department wants the flexibility to get the water where it is needed in the event of a fire. KME's Storefront Blitz™ feature allows for a first-floor interior attack. It offers extended monitor travel up to 30 degrees above horizontal. The aerial is also capable of going 8 degrees below horizontal. It is this special attention to the height and width of the ladder section dimensions that makes a rear mount ladder aerial fire truck from KME the perfect fit for your department.

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