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Bulldog Fire Apparatus carries the complete lineup of midmount platform fire apparatus from KME. Allowing your department to maneuver in low-clearance environments, these fire apparatus have travel heights as low as 119" [9' 11'']. With several models available, the right one can help you navigate even the tightest areas with a short overall length ranging from 42' to 47'. Don't let the short overall length deter you on space though, the midmount platforms and ladders all pack a lot in when it comes to storage! On the midmount aerials there is storage for a 1,000' LDF house, a minimum of 115' ground ladders, 300 gallons of water and plenty of extra room for your department's equipment.

Specifications for KME's Midmount Platforms and Ladders


  • 81’, 5 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water
  • 95’, 5 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water
  • 95’, 4 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water
  • 100’, 5 section ladder with 1000 lbs dry platform load & 500 lbs platform load while flowing water


  • Certified 100,000 psi steel ladder and self leveling platform with KME exclusive proof load testing
  • Spacious, 20.8 cubic foot platform design with mitered corners which assists with placement against buildings
  • Standard third rear entry gate in platform for safer access to platform from body
  • Modular platform construction for easy repairs in the event of damage
  • Lifting eyelets underneath platform capable of lifting the platform capacity
  • KME aerial platforms feature a cradle type support for the platform which directly transfer the loads of the platform down to the fly section allowing for smooth platform leveling 
  • KME 3-in-1 platform attachment for stokes rescue, parapet roof ladder and high point change of direction
  • Complete platform access from ground without extending ladder at a mere 29’ from the apparatus on our 100’ model
  • Full Unobstructed Walkway Climbing Path From Base Section to platform
  • Dual lift cylinders provide 12 degrees below horizontal to 80 degrees above horizontal
  • Fully Multiplexed Ladder Standard with KME’s E-Control™ motion control systems which provides unprecedented ease of control, smooth operation and superior safety systems through E-Speed™, E-Cush™ and E-Zone™.
  • Floating anodized telescoping waterway capable of flowing 2500 gpm
  • 1,250 to 2,500 gpm mid-ship mounted pumps
  • 300 gallon water tanks in Poly or Fiberglass with lifetime warranties

Industry Leading Platform Design

KME now offers standard features that not only add to the fuctionality of their fire apparatus, but also improve the safety and performance of the unit for its occupants. The newly improved, spacious platform provides adequate room for up to four fire fighters with a large area of 20.8 cubic feet. KME’s larger platform design for its aerial fire trucks still offers mitered corners for increased maneuverability and building placement, wherever the apparatus is positioned.

In addition, KME has added a standard third door at the rear of its midmount platforms. This extra door allows for safer access onto the platform from the body without the need to tip-toe around the platform on the outside walkway.

KME also offers several options in addition to its standard features including extra storage compartments, 110-volt lighting, 12-volt lighting, and dual-water monitor designs engineered and manufactured by Akron, Elkhart or TFT. KME’s platform design also allows for a 3-in-1 attachment, which provides options for a stokes basket restraint system,high-point change of direction, and parapet roof ladder attachment.

E-Control™ Motion Control Systems

All KME aerial platforms feature thir exclusive motion controlled electronic system. This system comes standard and provides fire responders with first-class safety and confidence in the operation of their aerial device. The easy to read IQAN color monitor displays an active-load chart, breathing air status, rung and cradle alignment, as well as height, extension, and reach measurements. For optimal monitoring, this informaton is available on both the turntable and the platform of the fire apparatus.

In addition,  the E-Zone™ control system helps protect the apparatus from cab and body collisions, as well as from the accidental rotation over its short-jacked side. KME’s E-Speed™ maintains a consistent rotation speed despite extended ladder height, and E-Cush™ provides feathering cushion for the extension/retraction system, elevation system and outrigger functions. Combined, these systems provide superior function, safety and maneuverability of the apparatus.

Ultimate Below Horizontal Performance

With a lift geometry that lets you go 12 degrees below horizontal without any impact on platform capacities or while flowing water, KME's steel ladder is more than impressive. It takes you beyond how high you can go and challenges the possibilities of the unit at low elevations. This same design also allows the 100' midmount to set the platform on the ground, with the ladder fully retracted at only 29' from the fire truck!

All of our aerial platform turntables include our "fail-safe" turntable retention bolts. Utilizing a 1 1/4" bolt that passes through the entire turntable structure, this feature minimizes the stresses of operating the aerial during low level conditions.  Unique innovations such as this is what makes KME one of the most sought after names in fire apparatus.

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