Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Looking to get the best of a pumper and ladder truck in one? The KME Firestix™ is the answer. This versatile fire apparatus offers minimum setup time to maximize your firefighting response. Rated as either a pumper or aerial, the KME Firestix™ can be built on a commercial or custom pumper chassis with a 500 lb tip load ladder.

Seeking to build the best fire apparatus in the market, KME manufactures the entire Firestix™ apparatus in-house; each unit is then tested and certified through Underwriter Laboratories (UL®).  The rescue ladder is made with high strength steel which is Type I tested and certified with the boom section. The extension and waterway are fully enclosed inside the boom sections for added protection, and an integral hydraulic reservoir in the torque box allows for maximum hosebed storage capacity.

Specifications for KME's Firestix™ Fire Trucks


  • 55’ Firestix elevates the boom from -10 degrees to 90 degree elevation
  • 75’ FireStix elevates the boom from -10 degrees to 90 degree elevation


  • Choice of custom or commercial chassis with single or tandem axle
  • 55’ and 75’ devices with a 500# tip load
  • 500 - 1000 gallons of water
  • High strength steel boom with aluminum rescue ladder
  • Single waterway, which is enclosed inside the boom sections with 1000 gpm waterway flow 
  • -10 to 90 degree elevation range
  • All FirestixTM are tested and certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL®)
  • Torque box allows for maximum hosebed storage capabiity
  • Extension systems are fully enclosed inside the boom sections for added protection

Variety of Configurations

The KME Firestix™ aerial is a flexible model that can be used as either a pumper or an aerial fire apparatus. It can also be mounted on a commercial or a custom chassis, providing the ultimate in customizable options.

Folding Handrails

The KME Firestix™ aerial maximizes every inch of its compact design with folding handrails on its high-strength steel, extendible rescue ladder, which boasts a minimum width of 18 inches between the handrails and extends a minimum of 12 inches above the rungs. Each section of the KME rescue ladder seamlessly collapses in on itself to provide maximum compression when withdrawn, while folding steps near the tip of the fly section offer further reach when fully extended.

Tuck Away Monitor

In addition to its superior ladder function, the KME Firestix™ aerial houses an electronically controlled tuck-away monitor that aids in the safety monitoring of the fire apparatus and ladder egress, all while providing state-of-the-art flexibility and control.

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