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FIRE TRUCKS from KME Fire Apparatus

Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus carries the complete line of fire apparatus from KME Fire Apparatus. These vehicles are broken up into the following categories: Aerials, Airport, Chassis, Industrial, Legacy, Light Duty Fire, Pumpers, Rescue, Tankers and Wildland. Whether you are an existing KME customer, or you are looking to replace a different brand in your fleet, the apparatus experts at Bulldog look forward to helping you find the perfect fire truck to meet your needs and your budget.

Purchasing a New Fire Truck

For organizations of all kinds, purchasing a new fire apparatus can be a daunting task. Municipalities especially have a unique set of challenges to meet in today's tough economic climate. We understand this is not an easy process, which is why we work one-on-one with you, or your entire committee, to educate you and assist you in making the right decision for your community.

At Bulldog, our sales representatives are well-versed on KME's complete line of fire trucks. They attend KME's 101 training, their annual sales meeting and supplemental webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest from the manufacturer. They also keep up on industry trends and changes to help enlighten you on what other departments are doing around the country. Additionally, Bulldog owner, Jeff Mazza, sits on KME's Aerial Group, which helps set direction for their aerial products.

What to Expect Working with Bulldog

Each new vehicle begins with a detailed process to uncover your wants and needs. After our initial meeting, we get KME involved to help draft up the drawings and specifications of your vehicle. We work with you to customize each aspect of your unit, ensuring you have the basics covered and the additional features you desire. If you're going out to bid, we will also put together a detailed proposal with a bottom line number to aid you in the process.

Once you've chosen to work with Bulldog and KME, we will setup a pre-construction meeting that includes a trip to the KME factory in Nesquehoning, PA. Here, you will sit down with us and your KME project engineer. Your KME engineer specializes in the type of fire truck you choose, to lend additional expertise to your build. We cover every paragraph of the specifications in detail and discuss any changes you'd like made. We want you to understand exactly what you're getting before the fire truck goes into production. During our visit, we will also take of tour of the shop floor so you can see where you unit will be built and sneak-a-peak on other units being manufactured  at the time.

There is a standard 270 day build time for a KME fire truck. After 90 days, we do a mid-point inspection to go through the truck and note any issues that cropped up or changes that need to be made. 30-60 days after the mid-point inspection, we do another, similar inspection. Prior to delivery, your unit will complete a final inspection checklist to make sure it meets all of the requirements. We will also inspect it upon arrival at our shop in Woodville, MA. All of these inspections are done to meet your highest expectations upon delivery. At KME and at Bulldog, there is a strong commitment to our customer; we want you to be satisfied with your experience.

What to Expect from a KME Fire Truck

  • Quality - Behind every KME vehicle, you will find a commitment to quality craftsmanship, high-end materials and first-class customer service.
  • Customization - KME is the King of Customization in the fire industry. Working with Bulldog and KME engineers, you can design a custom fire truck that meets your exact specifications.
  • Safety - Through exclusive design features and independent testing, all KME vehicle meet current safety standards - and often exceed them.
  • Industry Leading - The engineers at KME often put themselves in firefighters' shoes, coming up with considerations to make operation and maneuverability of the fire trucks easier and better than the competition. KME is also a member of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturer's Association.
  • Optimal Use - Whenever and wherever additional storage can be added to a KME fire truck, it has been. Carry more equipment to the scene than ever before.

Ongoing Support Through Service

Our customers often tell us that the thing they like most about working with Bulldog is we truly are a one-stop-shop. While getting your new fire truck is the exciting part, considering how you will service it long term should not be overlooked. If you have an issue with your unit, you deal with our owner, Jeff Mazza. We can cover all of your service needs including in-shop and on-site repair, preventative maintenance, custom fabrication, refurbishments, remounts, equipment mounting, aerial and pump testing, antique restoration and graphics.

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