Braun Industries

Exclusive Braun Dealer for New England

Representing the Brand Since 2011

Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus has been a Braun ambulance dealer since March 2011. We are also a Braun Authorized Service Center. We proudly serve fire and EMS organizations in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts with new ambulance sales and ongoing service and maintenance.

Being located in Woodville, MA, we are proud to serve Boston EMS by helping maintain and service their emergency vehicles. The department was an existing Braun ambulance customer. Seeking to provide enhanced offerings to them and our other customers large and small, we decided to become a Braun dealer in 2011. This allowed us to better familiarize ourselves with the brand and their models, and act as a single point of contact for all Braun ambulance needs in our region. We have been pleased to represent them ever since.

"Built for Life"

As a dealership with extensive service and fabrication capabilities, we've seen it all when it comes to working on emergency vehicles. When asked what the best selling point of a Braun ambulance is, it's easy to answer - quality. Safety, Quality, and Innovation are three things you hear a lot from the manufacturer, and it shows in the design and build of their models. The Braun lineup features unique exclusives such as their SolidBody™ Construction, EZ Glide™ Sliding Door, MasterTech™ Multiplex Electrical Control System, Eberhard Free Floating Latches and VitalMax™ Lighting System. These features, coupled with their commitment to customizing your ambulance to meet your exact specifications, will ensure you get just the emergency vehicle you're looking for.

A Stronger Ambulance Module

All of Braun's ambulances are built from one integrated module of .125" flat-sheet, marine grade aluminum. The roof, sides, floor and doors are all made from brake formed parts with fully welded seams. This distinctive construction process reduces the weight of the ambulance module and adds significant strength. Braun is known as having some of the safest ambulances on the road, with the highest usable customer payload. In the event of an impact, the SolidBody™ design absorbs impact, minimizing the transferred damage and providing added safety for the precious cargo inside. In fact, in 2001, a Braun ambulance module survived the collapse of the World Trade Center to later be refurbished and put back into service!

Designs Focused on Safety

The EZ Glide™ Sliding Door is another Braun exclusive design feature. This sliding side entry door opens snug against the module. The door does not open into traffic, create blind spots or restrict personnel from getting in or out of the module. In 2012, Braun released the EZ Door Forward, which places this door at the front of the unit where the standard ALS cabinet is traditionally located. This enhances the interior of the module by creating more work room and increased storage space.

Working In Or On Your Ambulance Made Easy

Braun's MasterTech™ Multiplex Electrical Control System, VitalMax™ Lighting System, and Eberhard Free Floating Latches are all innovations they created to make working in and maintaining your ambulance easier. The MasterTech™ System is a state-of-the-art touch screen electrical control system. The VitalMax™ Lighting System creates shadowless light to aid in patient care. Eberhard Free Floating Latches make it easier to open and close storage and entry doors on the unit and offer a more durable option than other brands.

A Custom Ambulance That Meets Your Needs And Your Budget

Working with the knowledgeable sales representatives at Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus will guarantee you get the right ambulance to meets your specific needs and budget. Many of our sales representatives have worked in Braun ambulances themselves, as they serve as EMS professionals on city departments and private organizations. Focused on providing honest and open communication, we will help you determine the perfect ambulance model for your department. Backed by Braun's lifetime structural warranty, a reliable factory service center, and Bulldog's experienced in-house service technicians, you can be assured your vehicle will see reduced downtime and longevity.

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